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Chocolate and Wine Class in Partnership with Boston Winery

Chocolate and Wine Class

Boston Chocolate School is pleased to partner with the Boston Winery to offer a special new class beginning on June 16th!

Our Chocolate and Wine class features a four-sample gourmet chocolate and wine tasting. Each wine is expertly selected to complement and enhance the nuanced flavor of the high-end chocolate. Deep dark chocolate is suddenly spicy and warm with cinnamon notes. Milk chocolate is smooth and creamy with a subtle floral finish.

You will learn how to develop your own unique palette to sense new flavors and notes. From stone ground, organic chocolate to delicate truffles, our samples will vary month to month and season to season.

This is a casual but elegant event, perfect for after work with colleagues or a night with friends. The tasting lasts for about 1.5 hours and seats for this class are limited.  Make sure you get your tickets before the class fills.

About our Teacher

Adam Centamore has a passion for wine and cheese and chocolate – so much that he has spent seven years teaching classes, conducting seminars, and providing consulting for those who enjoy fine food and wine as much as he does. He is an alumnus of Boston University, has managed the Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge, and held the position of portfolio administrator for a lauded local wine purveyor. Not only does Adam continue teaching, he constantly continues learning.

About Boston Winery

Boston Winery offers a transparent look into the art of winemaking by encouraging everyone, from the novice to sommeliers, to experience the old-fashioned art of winemaking. They pride themselves on creating craft wines that are entirely produced by hand from harvest to bottle.

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Boston Winery

26 Ericsson Street, Boston, MA, USA

Ralph Bruno created Boston Winery as he would a wine, delicately and with the intention to put a smile on people’s faces. Boston Winery prides itself on creating craft wines that are entirely produced by hand from harvest to bottle. Our tastings are a great opportunity to sample the bottled pride produced by the Bruno family and hopefully will put a smile on your face.


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