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Roll the Dice

Corporate Events Boston – Roll the Dice

Roll the Dice is pure fun and an incredible energizing, Boston Corporate event!

Imagine that you create a giant, colorful game board, large enough to accommodate your entire group. As soon as the extra-large dice are rolled, your game begins! Teams work their way around the game board, furiously trying to answer trivia questions and accomplishing networking challenges.

Your team will be moving around a giant game board, consisting of large place markers, earning as many chips as possible. Each team sends one member into the middle of the game board to roll their dice. As a group, you move the number of spaces in a clockwise direction indicated by the die. The game board is made up of “trivia” spots and “networking” challenges. If you land on a “trivia spot”, send a team member into the middle to acquire a trivia question from the trivia guru. Bring it back to the group to consult before answering.  If your answer is correct you will earn 1 token.  You may then roll again.  If your answer is incorrect you can either return to your group and answer the question again or return the card and roll again. If you land on a “networking challenge”, send a team member to the network guru who will provide your team with a challenge. The challenge may have you networking within your team or between teams, encouraging communication and a sharing of information.  Teams will earn 3 tokens for completing the networking challenge. Teams are playing at the same time, creating competitiveness and volume, while trying to earn as many points as you can, including the extra points for team spirit!

If you’re interested in seeing your group soaring to new heights of frantic energy while getting to know more about each other, Roll the Dice is the perfect choice to kick off an off-site, celebrate a success, energize a day of meetings, or celebrate after a day of meetings.


Socially interactive games add energy to corporate events to keep everyone engaged and having fun while breaking down barriers, opening communication, and enhancing essential skills which makes them ideal for:

High-energy fun!

Getting to know each other

Fast paced and energizing

Bonding through shared fun and laughter

Maximum participation for everyone

Pump your team up for an off-site or kicking off a project

Using competition to drive success


Roll the Dice was created at the request of a client for a networking event so the customization is only limited by your imagination and can be adapted to your needs.

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