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Limousine Scavenger Hunt

Limousine Scavenger Hunt

Boston Scavenger Hunt – Limousine Scavenger Hunt

Ours is the “original” photo scavenger hunt. In fact, when we created this hunt Kodak was making instant cameras and 30 years later we’re still doing them. One of the first companies that did this hunt was Apple back in the ’80′s – they were on the cutting edge even then. Since those early days, we have done this for Microsoft, the New England Patriots and even the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey circus clowns.

Oh the places that we’ve been!  This hunt is a classic and a great time for you and your team.

This Boston scavenger hunt is a classic and a great time for you and your team. Hop in! Your group is divided into teams of six or eight. Armed with Digital Cameras and a custom-designed scavenger list, each team navigates their personal stretched limo as they set out to capture themselves on their digital camera with as many items from their list as the three-hour time limit allows. Will your team choose the easy finds, or those that are worth more points? Will you go the extra mile and create an item of your own for bonus points?

At the end of the adventure, your whole group comes back laughing, ready to share great stories and an unforgettable experience. A team-building module can be added to the hunt as a way to incorporate additional team challenges, custom corporate information and/or conference themes. A trained facilitator can tie it all together in an optional debrief and slideshow. And as an added bonus, you’ll have fun photos to post in the office or on a company web site!

This popular team building exercise is cleverly disguised as pure fun, but there are countless lasting benefits your team will bring back to the workplace. No wonder professional clowns chose this freewheeling event when they decided it was their turn to laugh!

A hilarious twist on the classic scavenger hunt, this event is ideal for:

• Celebrating a success

• Corporate and Social events

Kick off for training sessions

Fun and camaraderie

Creative problem solving

Team strategy/prioritization

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