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Escape from the Wiseguy Hideout

Escape Wiseguy Hideout


There is no denying the worldwide phenomenon known as “Escape Rooms,” whereby participants are faced with solving cerebral challenges and intricate puzzles to avoid a terrible (albeit fictitious) demise. Mystery Cafe has put a terrific, creative spin on these games and brings all of the engaging, collaborative problem-solving action TO YOU.

Big Tony is coming and he ain’t too happy. Seems there’s a rat in the hideout and if you don’t find the “cheese eater” before he returns things could get messy.

Clues might be in Sinatra songs, Mamma’s meatball recipe and even in the caliber of those bullet shells on the table. Solve the puzzles and Bada Bing – you and your team can make a clean getaway! That is, as long as you find the rat…

You have 75 minutes or it’s “Arrivederci, baby.”

This unique escape room can be done at any location for groups up to 300, and even during a meal if your group is looking for dinner entertainment. Might we recommend Italian food?


Using their wits and team skills, each table must open locks by solving puzzles and finding clues around the room that will help them complete the larger meta-puzzle. Through riddles, codes, secret messages, and virtual reality (with the all-new Google Cardboard 360 Viewer), we immerse your guests in the game right in the meeting place of your choosing.

Each table becomes a virtual “room” as teams try to solve the meta-puzzle. Virtual “walls” hold some answers (posters on flip charts). There will be a clear winner and all teams will finish (with hints) to enjoy the experience.

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