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Escape From Werewolf Village

Escape Werewolf Village

Escape Game Boston – Escape From Werewolf  Village

There is no denying the worldwide phenomenon known as “Escape Rooms,” whereby participants are faced with solving cerebral challenges and intricate puzzles to avoid a terrible (albeit fictitious) demise. Mystery Cafe has put a terrific, creative spin on these games and brings all of the engaging, collaborative problem-solving action TO YOU.

Escape from Werewolf Village is a live, narrative, puzzle event for teams of 6 players and for groups of up to 300; you will have 60 minutes to figure out the clues and solve the puzzles which will determine your fate. Will you make it out, or will you be devoured by the werewolves? The large group size makes it perfect for corporate events.

“You have lost your way and wandered into a village where werewolves attack people night after night. As the villagers disappear one by one, you can feel the fangs of the werewolves closing in. Can you solve the mysteries and escape the Werewolf Village in time?”


Unlike other Escape Games, we bring Escape from Werewolf Village to the location of your choice which could be your office, a hotel or conference center.  In this escape game there will be multiple teams in the same room, unlike other escape rooms where teams must wait and take turns going into one small room. This is a game that requires that you use your detective’s mind and your powers of deductions to escape with your team, working with other players as you go along. Strategize and cooperate because more heads are definitely better than one!  As in most escape games, the amount of time you have to escape might be too short as the mysteries are quite tough. The prize is the priceless moment when you find the solution and everything falls into place. And you will be honored.

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