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Team Chocolate Challenge

Play with the “food of the gods” in this unique teambuilding event!

chocolate team buildng

How SWEET is this program?

If you are looking for a sweet way to build camaraderie, look no further! The Chocolate Challenge program offers teams a sense of unity as they work together to build the strongest bridge made entirely from chocolate. Working together to complete the challenges, teams will be rewarded with sweet currency redeemable for tasty bridge pieces at the chocolate shop. Teams will strategize, work together and ultimately build a stronger team as their bridge grows stronger. Which bridge will withstand the test and be announced the winner? Can you taste the fun yet? In this team building chocolate activity, the emphasis can either be competitive (just for fun) or collaborative (big picture thinking) depending on your group’s goals.

Each team competes for the honor of the best-built bridge for Wonka, Inc. A discerning team of judges score teams on their bridges in a variety of categories – half of which are literally ‘measurable benchmarks’ (there’s even a weight test!), with the other half being based on each team’s presentation. Winners get a prize and bragging rights until next time.

Team Building Benefits:

  • Creativity & Resourcefulness
  • Fun & Engaging Interaction
  • Innovation & Problem Solving
  • Relationship Building & Networking

Program Details:

  • Group Size:  20 – 1000+
  • Team Size:  8 – 10
  • Program Length:  1.5 – 2 hours
  • Space Requirement: 20 Sq. Ft. per person
  • Setting: Indoor
  • Physicality:  Low

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